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EPSON PVC Card Tray Software and PVC Card Tray


A Complete set of EPSON Compatible software and PVC Card Tray that will enable you in printing PVC cards 2 at a time in your compatible EPSON card printer. A list of Compatible printers can be seen in the description below.

EPSON PVC Card Tray Software and PVC Card Tray

Compatible With

  •     L800
  •     L805
  •     L810
  •     L850
  •     R280
  •     R290
  •     T50
  •     T60
  •     P50
  •     P60

PVC card tray is the best ID card tray that produces smashing results as far as coloured printing is concerned. The cartridge type is original while the colour type is black. Inkjet print technology is used by this card tray for getting printing jobs done within a very short span of time. The inkjet print technology used by the card tray not only saves printing time but also improves print quality. Apart from this, there is less wastage of paper and reduced reprint scenarios. Though the colour type is black but the printing output of this card tray is coloured. This is the best id card tray for coloured printing and the introduction of this card tray has actually renovated the industry for card trays

epson tray software set
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